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Letters to the Editor published on July 2, 2008
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A choice besides Obama, McCain

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In November we will be voting in what may prove to be the most pivotal election in the history of this country. As it stands, both the Democrats and the Republicans Hopes Ceres Flea Market will remain in operation not only does he live by these principles, but he is far and away the most qualified man to head this country during these particularly tough times. He will not only return us to the freedoms that we once had and deserve, but he will unlock the great potential for prosperity that this system gives the American people.

If you want to see someone like Alan Keyes elected you must do something. First, vote for him in November. Have no doubt, he will be on the ballot. Second, volunteer to help get the word out. At this time, all news media outlets are blocking our efforts to tell the American people about Alan. We need your help. Anyone who wants to help, call me at 541-1981 or e-mail me at or log on to Alan's web site at

Ed Krigbaum,


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Defending umpire son

Editor, Ceres Courier,

This is in response to the person who called "Sound Off!" about the CYB Pony League championship game. I also don't have any children on a CYB team, but my kids have been involved in Ceres sports for about 20 years.

I feel the most important thing we should teach young athletes is good sportsmanship. Whether the team wins or not, each coach has the responsibility to demonstrate good sportmanship to their players. Sportsmanship surrounds any game, from the initial scheduling to the final play of the season. It involves the organizers, coaches, players, parents, officials and the fans.

Another important lesson deals with everyone's right to choose what they feel is important, then stand up for their choice. Children need to know that if you feel strongly enough about an issue, and you are willing to make accusations against another person, you should be an adult and put your name to it.

As a parent of the umpire you accused of cheating, I know you are wrong. Do I think he called a perfect game? No! I don't think anyone can call a perfect game. Do I think the game was one-sided? Not a chance! The two umpires that worked the championship game are probably considered the best by their supervisor, or they wouldn't have been scheduled for that game.

I sign my name proudly and stand behind the actions of my son, especially when the accuser cowardly whines of foul play anonymously through "Sound Off!"

Kimli Goblirsch,


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Hopes Ceres Flea Market will remain in operation

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Jeff Jardine's article in The Bee this last Tuesday, June 23 about the Ceres Drive-In not being open this summer or ever is frightening. Will this be the end? I hope not!

The general manager, Lourdes Perez, said she applied to the city of Ceres for a permit to operate year-round, but the city denied the application.

The Ceres Drive-In wanting more nights to be open to generate more sales; but the city was concerned that during the winter, theater goers would watch the movies with their motors idling; enabling them to run their heaters. But that would create pollution. Come-on, with the cost of gas that it is, I don't think so!

Also does the permit have to be year-around? Why not monthly, specifying what months to be closed due to bad or cold, foggy, weather? November through March? Seven months out of the year is a lot better than none at all.

A lot of families go to the Ceres Drive-In. What other activities do families have to do together in Ceres? Oh yeah, that's right go to one of couple dozen fast-food restaurants to spend their hard-earned monies.

Please, city of Ceres, work out something with the Ceres Drive-In. Don't take-away this family activity. It's hard enough to find things to do as a family as it is now.

James R. Vinyard,