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Letters to the Editor published on Nov. 9, 2011
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Citizens for Ceres 'bullied' by the editor

Editor, Ceres Courier,

In response to your Oct. 26 article, "Walmart foes should come clean." I am very disappointed the Ceres Courier chooses to engage in false rumors, and worse, did it in such an acrimonious way. Is it possible for this newspaper to bring back civility to Ceres' discourse, and stick to the issues without attacking those in opposition or casting aspersions?

One would think that an editor of a newspaper - whose livelihood revolves around freedom of speech and the press, guaranteed by the First Amendment - would have respect for the free speech of others, even if the views expressed are seemingly unpopular. Your tone indicates a belief that the Ceres community should be restricted to only the ideas of which the editor approves.

Supporting the project or disagreeing with the decision to challenge its approval in court is one thing, but disregarding the elements of that discussion in order to personally attack and deride members of this community with falsehoods is just plain wrong. Those who passionately oppose this project are not rubes and illiterates unable to think for themselves, and such a criticism reflects only on the one pointing the finger. Did the editor ever even seek comment from the individuals he chastised? My guess is no.

What does it matter if a group of 90-100 people oppose the Supercenter? In my opinion 100 people taking time to publicly speak out on an issue in a community of our size is meaningful. We must also remember that not that many people took part in the Boston Tea Party (most historical accounts place the number somewhere between 50-100 participants), but those who did were courageous in their expression of outrage against taxation without representation and in challenging what they believed were wrong-headed decisions by their government. And that is not meant to be a "cocky comparison" but rather an example of a small group taking an active role in influencing their government to do right by the citizens.

The Courier's coverage of this story has been hindered by Mr. Benziger's decision to wear both "reporter" and "editor" caps while taking a public, transparently biased position on this discussion. Such a partisan stance blurs the lines between the position of reporter and editor, and can ultimately discourage citizens from exercising their own First Amendment rights. The pen is mightier than the sword, but using the unequal position of editor to bully individuals with whom you disagree has no place in Ceres. Shame on you.

Deana Rushton,


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Alex Huerta a great carrier

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Not enough good is said about our delivery kids. I know when my children were delivering, we never heard a word about how our kids were doing.

We live on Lilac Court so whoever our guy is, (Alex Huerta) that is who I want to give props to. He always has my paper at my door by 7 a.m. and not in the middle of the yard. When he comes to collect, he is never anything but courteous. There was one occasion that I wasn't home when he came to collect and my daughter told him to come back later because she knew I always pay my carrier. He told her to have me just place the payment under the mat and he would get it on delivery day. Well, I did that and he didn't pick it up. I felt bad. So, I took it down to the office for him to pick up there. He placed a personal phone call to thank me for doing so. That impressed me and is what really prompted me to write this letter.

So, again, thank you for hiring such an upstanding young citizen! Just wanted to let you know that you got a winner there.

Melinda Haley,


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Store deserves kudos

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of Ceres and Central Valley High's athletic departments, I wish to take this opportunity to thank Food4Less, the Ceres Lions Club, Foster Farms, and all the companies who donated their time and effort into making the 3rd annual CHS/CVHS Chicken BBQ fundraiser such a success.

In a smaller community like ours, it can be difficult for two athletic programs to fundraise. We had a tremendous turnout, from players and coaches at each school, to the community in supporting the event.

A special thank you to Corey Crawford of Food4Less who arranged and organized the entire event, and all of the members of the Ceres Lions Club who arrived at 5 a.m. to begin the food preparation.

Our athletic teams truly appreciate the support we continue to receive from the community.

Shawna Nunes, CHS

Michelle Parrish, CVHS

Athletic Directors

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Siegel is right in calling for critical thinking skillsEditor, Ceres Courier,

This is in response to the Nov. 2, article by Scott Siegel, CUSD Superintendent, titled "Educating students for the 21st Century." He recommends not only teaching and using technology in schools, but also, teaching "our students to be excellent problem solvers and critical thinkers."

I whole heartedly agree. Our youth can teach the older generations how to use the latest technology, but sometimes find it difficult to make logical decisions when faced with challenges. I took a critical thinking class in college and found it a valuable tool in my personal and professional life. Instead of looking at an issue with tunnel vision, critical thinking can help to view the whole picture, enabling you to conceive of multiple ways to solve a problem and relate to issues.

Stand alone critical thinking classes, starting in grade school, would probably be the most beneficial, but the principles can be incorporated in any subject matter. For example, in social studies class, instead of just learning about what someone else did, a student assignment can be to conceptualize a variety of scenarios that might have had a more positive outcome.

Lynn Sawyer,


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Schools thank Country Ford

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of the students and staff of Central Valley and Ceres High School, I would like to thank Country Ford and Charlie Fernandes for their generous support this past weekend during the Drive One For Ur School fundraiser held in the CVHS parking lot. Both schools had administrators, teachers, students and parents working all day long riding along with community members as they test drove cars, and Country Ford donated $20 for every test drive.

A special thank you to the CHS Band Boosters, and the CHS and CVHS Leadership students for working that day as well.

Thank you to all community members who came out to support the two high schools.

Thank you, Country Ford, for your generosity.

Amy Peterman,


Central Valley High School

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