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Letters to the Editor published on Oct. 22, 2008
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Our kids' future worth the cost

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a fire captain, a citizen and most importantly a father of two elementary school children, I give my full endorsement to Measure U.

In my position with the Fire Department, I see the difference in households where children are "connected" with school and the unfortunate turns taken when they become disconnected and/or involved with gangs or drugs. It is so important to give children the opportunity to stay linked in their school environment.

A recent article in the Modesto Bee reported the advantages of the Ceres High School vocational education program and what it can offer students whether or not they are college bound. I look forward to some of my tax money going towards improving and expanding this program as I feel every student deserves the opportunity to have a career and not just a job. As well, I understand that with Measure J there simply was not enough money to add libraries and computer labs to the new elementary schools, however with the passing of Measure U this can now happen. These are vital components for children's education in this day and age and, again, I would be happy to see my taxes go towards providing these.

In these difficult economic times, we are all watching our money. However, as a citizen who wants a better safer community for my family, I feel it is my obligation to assist in providing that. And if it means paying a little more in taxes, I am more than willing to do my part. I urge you to join me in voting yes on Measure U.

Dan Foster,


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Prop. 8 affects gay marriage taught in schools

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Regarding "Equality For Everyone" (published in the Oct. 15 edition of the Courier, page A4), Proposition 8 is so much more than voting for equality. As a parent I am not ready to give the rights to the school system to dictate to me what moral issues are taught to my own kids. Whether one agrees or likes the fact, Prop. 8 not only has a legal side it also brings up a very strong moral issue as well.

Giving the right for same-sex couples to marry will not only give them the right to legally marry, but it will also take away my parental control and I will not willing to do that. History has already proven in the state of Massachusetts that it will give parents no say-so in the matter. Our kids will learn about same-sex marriage as young as kindergarten, and you cannot do anything about it. As a parent and a Christian I should have the right to decide what is appropriate to teach my children when it is a moral issue. I have no intention to degrade or make less of anyone, but in this situation. Vote yes on Proposition 8.

Lori Higuera,


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Fond memories of folks from Ceres and area

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I spent 18 months in Modesto with the 47th General, a city of 16,000. The people were wonderful.

We visited Modesto in August 1986. They close off H and I streets. My wife woke me up. People had their carts, wagons, whatever to haul their produce. We crossed the street and the first person we talked to was John Melugin. I told him I was from South Carolina, and was going back in two days and didn't need a lug of tomatoes. He said, "My boy, I have a good customer going back to South Carolina. I will give you tomatoes." They were such tasty tomatoes. We have traded Christmas cards from that year until now. We have received the family history and a Christmas card. I always remembered Mrs. Dora with a card or present. I call her "Mom" Dora. John passed on in 2000. Mrs. Patricia Cousins has written to me, sent me things of interest in Ceres and Modesto.

I have lost eight people, one Phil Hayes who served with me in the 47th General Hospital, New Guinea, Philippine Islands. Had good friends, Mr. and Mrs. Wade Crawley; they fed me grits and Alabama cured country ham. I love these people like one of the family. I wish I had known them while still in the Army. We stayed three times with a Mrs. Audrey Olsen. I can't thank Mrs. Patricia Cousins enough. Your wonderful paper has come quite a few miles. We call each other "cousins." They have been so wonderful to me. I am 87 years old, would like to get back the fourth time.

I belong to the McHenry Museum. The people miss lots of good stories by not joining.

John M. Harrison,

Easley, S.C.