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Letters to the Editor published on Sept. 17, 2008
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CVHS PTC thanks community of Ceres for supporting the Sober Grad Nite car show

Editor, Ceres Courier,

On behalf of the Central Valley High School Parent Teacher Club, I would like to thank the Ceres community for its support in providing donations and attending the second annual Car Show in support of Sober Grad Night for CVHS Seniors of 2009. Your attendance, participation and generosity were greatly appreciated. The turnout of show cars, spectators, and participants was spectacular.

In its second year, the Car Show proceeds continued to grow over $5,000, which goes toward the Central Valley High School Sober Grad Night.

Over 50 cars and motorcycles in many different categories participated in this year's event. Like last year, we featured entertainment for Elvis impersonator, Ceres Karate demonstrations, CVHS band/cheer/dance, 15 fabulous vendors, and onsite raffle.

Although many businesses contributed to the event, special thanks go to our major sponsors who donated funds and food to ensure its success: Sara Lee and Perko's. Next, thanks go to the participants and visitors who spent their Saturday at CVHS for this show, the CVHS parent volunteers, vintage car owners - over 50 vehicles were displayed of many types - and our many local sponsors: Advantage Welding, Ceres Drugs, Caruso Shopping Center, Craig's Towing, PMZ Ceres Eric Ingwerson, Lavine's Heating and Air, SJ Metal Tec, LoForti Roofing, Modesto Printing, Modesto Steel, Woodward Automotive, Stanislaus Farm Supply, Monte Vista Veterinary, Medina Tilel & Stone, All-Pro Bail Bonds, Fosters Freeze, Lemmons & Sloan, Massey Restorations, James Sanford at Ceres Chiropractor, Fat Guys Golfing Assoc., Kragen Auto, Cost Less Foods, Les Schwab Tires, Travel Center, Dale's Music and Mary Kay. These businesses and many others assisted with financial support and donated awards, goods or services in support of the event.

Thank you! All this support is one more example of why Ceres is a great place to live, work and do business.

The CVHS Parent Teacher Club hopes you will continue to support future Sober Grad Night fundraisers. Future donations can be directed to CVHS PTC at Central Valley High School.

Suzette Stavrianoudakis,

CVHS PTC Parent Volunteer-Sober Grad Night

Central Valley High School Parent Teacher Club

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Courier guilty of political hypocrisy

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It is with some amusement that I read the editor's column of Sept. 10. In the column, he speaks out against negative campaigning in politics, vigorously defending Sarah Palin from the attacks of the so-called liberal-entrenched media. He also reminds us of some local underhanded attacks that failed for their candidates. He even expresses regret at some attacks Barack Obama before finishing the column with this: "If you can't win on the issues and have to get personal and dredge up a candidate's distant past, you deserve to lose."

I chuckled at this since only two weeks earlier, the editor had printed a guest column from a Republican operative in which the author, Frank Aquila, lies repeatedly about Senator Obama's past and positions. The entire column, entitled "Obama has scary connections, record" is essentially a laundry list of personal attacks against Obama with a few select attacks on Obama's actual positions.

The lies are easily disproven. For example, Senator Obama has led the Pledge of Allegiance in the Senate and on the campaign trail, and he does sometimes wear a flag pin. He does not, as Mr. Aquila claims, refuse to wear a flag pin or place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem or the Pledge. Obama was not raised as a Muslim. And there are others.

My point is, that Mr. Aquila launched the very types of attacks that the Courier two weeks later decries and laments in defense of Gov. Palin. Personal. Underhanded. Dirty. False. The Courier printed the attacks. It seems hypocritical.

The Courier, which has a pronounced right-wing bias and is honest enough to admit this, should apply the same standards to its own articles and guest columns as it exhorts the rest of the media to follow. I expect the Courier to give positive coverage to Republicans and to criticize the Democrats. I've seen it every election cycle since I've lived in Ceres. But spare us the crocodile tears over the unfair media, which only seem to come when a Republican is under attack.

As an aside, I don't mind the conservative bent. Like I say, the Courier is upfront about that and I can decide for myself when it colors an article. I do appreciate the efforts of the staff in keeping Ceres informed of local events. But pieces like that guest column really chap my hide. I get enough of that from both sides already. I don't need it in my local paper. And it does distract from the important issues we face.

Sorry for going so long, I know space is at a premium. I tried to keep it short; goodness knows I could have gone on.

Eric Silveira,


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