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Letters to the Editor published Sept. 10, 2008
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Dad, Floyd Sneed, for Hall of Fame?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Although it's been close to 35 years ago that I moved away, my family still resides in Ceres. When visiting, I always looked forward to Thursdays, Ceres Courier day. It was always fun to catch up on things. Knowing how much I enjoyed reading it, my mother never failed sending it to me all these years.

Your Sept. 3 issue had a wonderful story about Asvaldo Bertolotti, who I remember quite well. He was a year ahead of me in school, along with being my first boyfriend! Congradulations to him, a very well deserved honor.

The reason, however, I felt compelled to write is to share some information about my dad, Floyd Sneed, graduating class of 1946.

I felt this had to be one for the record books! (at least as far as I'm concerned anyways).

In his freshman, sophomore, junior and senior year he varsity lettered four times each year, for a grand total of 16 varsity letters in football, basketball, baseball and track. He tried for five his senior year giving tennis a shot. Hitting the tennis ball like a baseball, he finally took the coach's advice and stuck with the other two sports. After graduation he received a full scholarship to UCLA to play football. To say the least, I'm a very proud daughter! So, if you have a Hall of Fame for the "old timers," I'd like to nominate my father, Floyd Sneed.

Michelle Sneed-Melder,

Keller, Texas

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County librarian willing to hear complaints

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Regarding a statement in "Sound Off!" on Aug. 27, it was shocking to read the telephone comments by the caller who said his/her granddaughter was treated rudely at the Ceres Library. All our library employees receive extensive customer service training. We continuously seek ways to improve services. I am so very sorry to hear she had a bad experience and apologize for it. Should your readers have comments about the library and its services, either good or bad, it will help us to improve if they are brought to my attention by calling 558-7801 or by sending an email to

Vanessa Czopek,

County Librarian,

Stanislaus County Library