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On abortion, what would Jesus do?

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The position of pro-choice demonstrators throughout our country regarding Roe v. Wade has been loud and clear. Signs carried by these peaceful demonstrators voice their feelings; one in particular comes to mind: “This is my body, I’m the only one to decide what to do with it.”

Who created your body? You? No, God alone created your body. He also created the baby’s body a woman carries. Maybe a pregnant woman should give some thought about God’s feeling in the matter of aborting this small life that grows in her womb.

Abortions were wrong right from the beginning. We as a country overstepped God’s position on this matter. Never could I understand America voting into the law the legality of killing babies.

Before making a decision on having an abortion, ask yourself this famous question: “What would Jesus do?”

Catherine Kelly

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