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About not putting bags in the green containers

Editor, Ceres Courier,

First let me say that I do greatly enjoy your editorials – I agree 100% with just about everything you say. When you retire, Ceres will lose a major voice for reason and true patriotism.

I am writing regarding your editorial in today’s paper (Dec 15). I know the state has (stupidly) mandated these three containers and what goes into them but I have a problem with the no plastic bags in the green container. That’s fine for leaves, grass clippings, and pruned branches but when it comes to food scraps, it doesn’t make sense. Food in any form attracts flies and scavengers. Yes, the latter cannot usually get into a can but if it’s accidentally knocked over or even if just the lid is blown open on a windy day, the food is open and can be smelled by many critters that will come running for a free meal. And during the summer, any food in those containers is sure to attract flies. Are we now a Third World country that will not just allow but promote this happening in our streets?

Sorry, my food scraps, food soiled paper, and similar are going in via a plastic bag.

Jim Collins,


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