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Absentees made all the difference in this election
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have just read Mr. Howze’s article about the election. It appears that the GOP is dedicated to not looking at facts.

There was a giant push starting in 2016 to create a “blue wave.” I personally have never worked as much on an election as I did this campaign. I volunteered with Working America. The goal of this organization was to answer questions with facts. Most questions were about healthcare. There were several organization from outside of Modesto that did canvassing in the Valley.  Whenever they came to my door  I always asked for credentials. Pushes were made to register voters. My housemate voted in her first election in her life. She is 55 years old. 

Part of this campaign was to mail in ballots. My vote was mailed in two weeks before the election as I was going to be out of town on Election Day. All of my friends voted absentee. Our votes count but they are not counted till after all the Election Day votes are counted.  There was no voter fraud. If someone was there they could have seen the thousands of absentee ballots that arrived before the election. To say we were out finding folks who would not vote is just plain sour grapes.


Rochelle Rosen