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Addressing Couper Condit’s attacks on Mike Kline

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I was visiting a friend recently and saw the flyer that Couper Condit is sending out to the people living in the District 4 area. He is running for a seat in that district. It seemed odd to me that since there are several people running for that seat, why is he so verbal in attacking Councilmember Mike Kline. Is it personal or is it because Councilman Kline is the best person for the job and he thinks attacking him will give him an edge? No other competitor is listed on the flyer.

Just for the record, Mr. Kline has lived in Ceres all his life. He, his wife and all three of his children went to Ceres Schools and graduated from Ceres High. He loves Ceres and his goal is to do what is best for the city of Ceres and its citizens. Mr. Condit brings up the healthcare the city of Ceres pays to Mr. Kline who is paid $14,890 a year. $8,000 of that is for health care and $6,000 is his salary. If I am not mistaken, the next person above him, as far as healthcare is concerned, receives more than $16,000 for healthcare alone. Why is Couper singling out Mr. Kline instead of listing all councilmembers?

I believe Mr. Condit spent the biggest part of his life in Arizona so what does he know or care about what the city of Ceres needs? Since Mr. Condit is campaigning on a position that city department heads live within the city, shouldn’t district representatives live within the district they represent?

Mr. Condit is a district representative for Assemblyman Heath Flora. Do Heath Flora and Couper Condit have the same opinions on this matter? Does he get healthcare through the state for that position? If so, should he win, will Couper Condit also expect healthcare from the city of Ceres or maybe that is the reason he is trying to take healthcare away from our councilmembers?

Nawatha Reed,


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