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Against annexation

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Thank you, Ceres Planning Commissioner Couper Condit, for showing and leading the way in necessary opposition to the proposed annexation of almost 100 acres of east Ceres farm land and schools. I believe that your articulate and focused statements, and support from the audience, prompted the Ceres Planning Commission to recommend that the Ceres City Council NOT consider approving the Whitmore Ranch Specific Plan with the potential/threat of adding homes for 1,495 more residents. As you apparently recognize, additional people requiring city services will not diminish the presence of blight, absence of clean water and other infrastructure problems that already characterize much of the community.

Thank you, Laurie Smith and Hugo Molina, for your "no" votes too. The City Council on Oct. 24 may re-visit this proposed sprawl masquerading as improvement. Mayor Vierra and Councilmembers Ken Lane, Bret Durossette, Mike Kline, and Linda Ryno, please accept the recommendation of the Ceres Planning Commission. Just say "no."

Patricia Melugin Cousins,

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