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Against stacking the deck

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It’s common knowledge how I feel about adding more of the good old boys and girls from the status quo that believe it’s common people don’t know anything about anything. I support Mr. White for the council appointment and believe we need new fresh ideas in local government.

We need more private citizens that have not worked for the city or for the police department to get involved so that we become a stronger Ceres.

Unfortunately, Ceres has to rely on a newspaper based in Turlock which is with an editor that wouldn’t know fair reporting if it was right in front of his face. Mr. Benzinger (sic) you have taken your attacks and Couper Condit to a third grade level by calling Couper “Pooper.”

Your hatred of anybody named Condit has impaired your judgment. 

It was with disgust that I watched the City Council on YouTube and I am equally disgusted that you write your editorial in such a biased and uncalled for manner. You are just adding to the problem. If you’re going to write an editorial at least be fair about it. I don’t think that stacking the deck on either side is going to serve the purpose of doing what’s right for the citizens. And I believe adding another person that has worked for the city will do that. 

If you don’t know what stacking the deck means Google it.

Shirley Rogers 


(EDITOR’S NOTE: I didn’t call Couper a name; I only mentioned the nickname given him by a fed-up resident who called in an left a voicemail. That was fully explained in my column).

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