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Americans of conscience will fight for Dreamers

Editor, Ceres Courier,
In the years of a teacher's career hundreds of students pass through the classroom door. If that door is in California's Central Valley, it's certain that future Dreamers are among them. This letter is to them.

Your teachers knew you were special, the bright-eyed eager one who gladly shouldered the responsibility of being your family's best hope for the future. You graced our classrooms.

If you are now in the DACA program, you are well on the way to fulfilling the dreams your parents brought you to this country to achieve. If you're a Dreamer you have no criminal record, are in fact, most likely to be in college and/or well-employed. You've kept your end of the bargain, paid your fees, emerged from the shadows and exposed yourself to a compassionate government.

Now a different government has failed you. Through no fault of your own you may be thrust from your home, forced to give up your dreams of college and fired from your job. Lies will be told about you to justify this.

Dreamers, please believe in your friends, neighbors and co-workers. Americans of conscience and decency will fight for you.

Lynn Breshears,
Former Ceres teacher

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