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An opportunity to reconsider the message of Christianity

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Regarding Mr. Aquila's recent column (April 15) decrying "the homosexual community" and its negative impact on Christianity, I would challenge his inference that there is unanimity in Christian's interpretations of the Bible, and that he somehow is the spokesperson for morality and family values. It is clear that he has grudgingly yielded to the concept of civil unions, but he is not willing to accept homosexuality as anything but a chosen, deviant lifestyle. God did not create homosexuals so that they could mend their ways through conversion therapy in order to see your truth, Mr. Aquila; so that they wouldn't be humiliated, repressed or just tolerated by the rest of society. The Christian bakery that refuses to make a cake for a homosexual is no more justified than the bus driver 60 years ago that expected blacks to sit at the back of the bus.

God created diversity so that people like Mr. Aquila would have an opportunity to review your moral inventory; so that you might embrace rather than just tolerate someone who is different than you. The Bible was inspired by God and written by men. The same could be said about our Constitution, but the Constitution dictates that there must be separation between church and state. That way, you are free to develop your spiritual path, but not at the exclusion of others.

The "homosexual community" (as he refers to it) is not using its power to "silence Christianity in America." Rather, it is providing an opportunity for him and others to reconsider the message of Christianity, the message of love and inclusion, thereby making our nation stronger.

Peter Sugia,

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