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Artificial intelligence and using it to your advantage

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Last week, an AI (artificial intelligence) wrote my letter.  This week, I don’t want to pass up the opportunity to comment on the advances and reiterate my advice to begin using some AI to your advantage.

Do I believe Skynet and the Terminator will be chasing dissenters in the streets of Ceres in 20 years? No.  Some AI still have very obvious flaws. Do I believe those who do not begin to use AI will be at a huge disadvantage in five years?  Absolutely. Here’s why:

This past weekend, I spent a small amount of time mining ChatGPT for all kinds of wisdom and asking important questions. For example, to what subjects could it assure 100% confidence in responses? To which it replied “Basic math, arithmetic, algebra, and geometry, measurements and conversions, historical events and timelines, scientific facts and concepts, such as the laws of physics and chemistry, geographical information. Grammar and syntax rules in different languages.”  It forgot to mention code, because by the end of the weekend I learned how to create a fully-functional website with a log-in system, shopping cart feature, and capable of live-tracking the user – with code entirely provided by AI.

My old law school professor used to say language is important because there is a huge difference between you “may” be put to death and you “shall” be put to death if you break the law. I believe the interesting unintended consequence of AI will be that language will become several times more important than it already is and far more important than any other subject in school.

If students can clearly articulate what they want, the AI will deliver.  An ability to modify language of requests is key in getting perfect results.  Ask an AI to give you code that will give you the user’s location and it may just give you coordinates, but ask it to give html code for an embedded map that covers the entire browser window with live-user-GPS and it will render a map. 

Alvaro Franco,


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