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Being quiet during discussions can be good
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

Most recently you have published a couple of letters written by Ceres resident Shirley Rogers regarding Councilman Condit and some marijuana issues. I believe she is spot on and our community should take notice. I believe Mr. Condit has done his homework, being quiet during discussions can be a good thing. The councilman has tried on many occasions to earmark special monies going into the general fund for public safety, fire and code enforcement only. He has met resistance from other members of the board regarding this, under the umbrella that about 90 percent of the general fund is used for public safety already. If that is the case, marking special funds from cannabis, fireworks fines and other code enforcement fines specifically for public safety would be the same thing. The only difference would be that later on down the road those earmarked funds could not be used for something else like raises for the city manager or other city leaders. It could only be used for public safety, like hiring additional code enforcement personnel or police officers and or fire fighters.

I do like your point regarding the fact Ceres has significant aesthetics issues. The city is going backwards allowing garbage cans out front for public view. Waste wheelers are just that – a garbage can. Redoing our city codes was supposed to correct some issues going forward. I think just the opposite is taking place.

John Warren,


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