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Big business wrecking havoc on social ecology
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I really appreciated Dennis Wyatt's March 5 column, "'Malling' of America's community standards." It brought to mind something that I have given much thought to in recent years, namely the profound disparity that exists between the cultural values of big business and the cultural values of many socially conservative communities around the country.

We are used to hearing of the close alliance between conservatives and big business, but the assumption that such an alliance arises naturally should be questioned by all who still choose to live by a Judeo-Christian sexual ethic. It is just as often big business that is wrecking havoc on the social ecology of our culture as big government.

Judy Cox ran up against this in her community. And while she may be seen as a lone dissenter to the imposition of the cultural elite's values on us, the truth is that she is part of a quiet resistance whose numbers are much stronger than most people realize. Many of these folks are not trying to be culture warriors. They just want to keep popular culture's toxic messages and ideas from polluting the social ecology of their community.

Kristopher S. Pierce

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