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Bret Durossette has vision for the city

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The city of Ceres will face many challenges in the coming years. These challenges are serious and will require us to elect a proven leader – a leader with experience, vision, and a deeply rooted love for this city.

We need to elect Bret Durossette as mayor. Bret Durossette is the only candidate that has the requisite experience to lead our city into the future. Bret wants only the best for Ceres. Bret has lived all his life here and has consistently demonstrated, through his actions, his devotion to this city and our residents.

I taught criminal justice for 27 years at Ceres High School. I remember Bret joining our faculty and almost immediately having a positive influence on student life. As the years went by, Bret would always support students and fellow teachers and staff, when tragedies or critical illness occurred. Bret, along with his wife, Angela, would always be there for someone in need.

Finally, prior to my teaching career, I was a deputy sheriff for 13 years. I gained a unique knowledge for what is needed to insure law and order and public safety for our community. Bret Durossette will maintain his strong support for law enforcement here in Ceres and not succumb to political activists who threaten to “defund” the police.

Please join me, my family, neighbors and friends and elect Bret Durossette as mayor.

Randy Cerny,


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