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Buy only what you can use in the short term
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I, and many other local residents have experienced the panic of the coronavirus scare. I went to my favorite food supermarket on Hatch Road, and noticed some bare shelves and super long lines at the checkout stands. The available toilet paper supply was all gone, at least for the time being, a store clerk assured me of this.

I think that many retail business and supermarkets may have to resort to rationing sales of certain products, because of the coronavirus scare. Shortages have occurred, as anyone who has been going to their familiar stores and see the empty shelves. This pandemic has resulted in the same hoarding behavior across the nation and even in Europe.

I think if businesses have to begin rationing the sales of certain products to avoid them from selling out completely that would be considered very acceptable by the general public. Shoppers should be urged not to buy more than they need for the short term.

This type of hoarding can hurt the most vulnerable locally. Food banks will get fewer supplies to help those who experience food insecurity on an ongoing basis. The government is now planning to find ways to feed children who are affected by school closures. No more in school lunches when pupils must stay home.

In summary, let the government do what it does best with this pandemic, like taking care of the public health aspects. Needless panic buying that results in hoarding can be taken care of by the private sector to at least assure folks that there is plenty of goods available. If retail shops must restrict the amount of items sold to individuals, so be it. Please do not buy more than you or your family can use in the short term.

Daniel Marsh,


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