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Candidate seeks support
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Editor, Ceres Courier,
For the past several weeks, while campaigning for a seat on the Ceres City Council, I have enjoyed meeting the diverse residents and business owners of our community.

I have had a good time talking to residents, who offered anecdotes about, and expressed aspirations for their life in Ceres. One resident recounted how she used to like to drive down Mitchell Road because she could drive the entire length without seeing even one stoplight. Another resident expressed how he sometimes believes there is a disconnect between government policies and the needs of residents. And others expressed a desire to have more structured activities available for our teens.

I share these three examples with you because they represent the earnestness of the conversations I had with many wonderful Ceres towns folks, and their desire to see Ceres have a bright future. It is my hope to be the next Ceres councilmember, so I can help Ceres keep and expand its charm and have the opportunity to implement improvements that residents strongly support.

Please take the time to vote this election. I would appreciate your support. To learn more about me, look for my half-page advertisement in this newspaper and online; or you may go to my Facebook page at:

Hugo Molina,

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