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Candidate Sue Zwahlen supports Dreamers

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Most Americans are descended from immigrants. Immigrants built this country and they need to be valued and treated with respect. Sue Zwahlen, candidate for congressional District 10, believes we need a comprehensive and compassionate solution to immigration that will allow people to move through the process in a reasonable amount of time while keeping families together, protecting our borders and encouraging the influx of talent and energy from around the world that has made our country great. Sue supports the bipartisan Dream Act which would allow anyone who came here before age 18 and has been here for four years to get conditional, permanent residency and apply for a green card, as long as they are working or in school and don't commit a crime.

Congressman Denham's Enlist Act which would grant legal status to Dreamers who join the military, is just singling out a narrow group for a mandatory draft. It is unfair if not outright unconstitutional and ignores the many other contributions these Dreamers make.

Join me in voting for Sue Zwahlen, a thoughtful, compassionate, tough and solution oriented candidate.

Maggie Zeff

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