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Ceres teacher salaries have not kept up with inflation
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I've been seeing Ceres Unified in the news lately. Students are winning major awards for athletics and scholarships at state science competitions. A teacher was labeled a superhero for helping a choking child, and Sinclear School has earned another California Distinguished School honor for our district. Ceres has remarkable teachers and coaches who are helping students achieve remarkable things.

I've also been reading that Ceres teachers are trying to negotiate a new contract. They are trying to restore money they lost when pay cuts were made in 2010. Salaries haven't kept up with inflation and are falling behind many other districts in our area. I taught for 21 years in Ceres and none of us become teachers for the money. However, salaries need to become competitive to attract and keep top quality teachers. I saw good teachers go to districts with higher salaries. The district needs to make honest negotiations a priority and show respect and support for its hard working teachers.

Randa Comstock,