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Ceres vet is dedicated
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Editor, Ceres Courier,
I just wanted to send you a quick note of a business that I believe truly cares for the Ceres community and its pets, and should be recognized as such.

My dog, Bronx, has been a patient of Dr. Basra for a little more than a month. We brought Bronx in as an emergency and eventually needed surgery. Initially, Dr. Basra wanted to wait and not rush into a surgical solution, which surprised me because with a surgery comes more income for him, but we waited a week and we then did agree that he did require a surgical procedure. This procedure was surprisingly inexpensive. I know for a fact that any other vet clinic would have charged us at least double. After the surgery we still did not know what is wrong with Bronx. Dr. Basra has consulted with area veterinarians and veterinarians around the country to help with a diagnosis with Bronx. Dr. Basra's office has called us every couple of days checking in on Bronx. We have been in on four follow-up office visits with no charge to us since he just wants to check his progress and he said, "he isn't doing anything but looking at him," so he doesn't want to charge us anything.

I truly am astonished at his care and dedication, something that we just do not see anymore. I truly feel that Dr. Basra and his staff have a passion for what they are doing and it shows.

Eileen Narvaez,

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