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Ceres the worst city ever
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I just read the article in the newspaper regarding the homeless in Ceres. I have never read an article that I felt was so untrue and so full of misleading information. I can’t believe it! I have even gone as far as to videotape and take pictures of these homeless to prove it. I’m from San Jose and I moved here recently about a year ago and all you have to do is get in your car and go out after dusk you’ll find those numbers to be grossly underestimated. I could probably count 50 on my way to store.

This is the worst city I’ve ever lived in, it is the dirtiest, most disgusting and it’s all because of the homeless who do not want to get help.

I feel that printing in the newspaper these numbers has led the public to believe something that is untrue. By leading the public to believe something that is not accurate will now then have an impact on any future Legislature that is up for vote to either reduce homelessness or do something about them and people will think “oh it’s not a big problem.” Thus, the problem is getting bigger and bigger.

Kathleen Dutra

(Editor’s note: We reached out to Mrs. Dutra to seek clarification about what she felt was inaccurate and she has not responded. We can only assume she feels Ceres’ homeless numbers are vastly unreported).