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CHS student group clamors for greater safety of students

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am a representative from the Ceres High organization, Service Dogs. It is our mission to help create a safe environment at our school. Our organization came to light after a student was hit by a car on Fifth Street.

As a student that drives down Fifth Street every day, it is easy to see how an accident could occur. The lack of safety precautions along the street is endangering a large population of the school. Many students are dropped off and picked up along both sides of the street but currently the only crosswalk is located near the end of the street, well out of the way. Our organization is advocating for a new crosswalk located near the exit of the school for the ease and safety of the students.

We find it is an egregious error on both the city of Ceres and the Ceres Unified School District to allow so many students to break the law. Many students jaywalk and endanger themselves because of the current lack of a convenient crosswalk. I have witnessed many vehicles swerve out of the way from students and other cars. The current speed limit sign is a step in the right direction, but we expect further action to be taken.

We are currently also advocating for an AED defibrillator, relabeling of the classroom numbers (which is endorsed by Ceres PD), and clean drinking water at all times on campus. The safety of students should be the foremost priority of the city and school. And the Service Dogs are advocating student involvement and to take part in making a difference.

Jake Nevarez,
Ceres High

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