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Citizens for Ceres a cancer no one seems to cut out

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Again, my stomach is churning because of a miniscule group of sick, self-serving, tunnel-visioned and misled so-called "Citizens for Ceres."

The so-called "Citizens for Ceres" are in fact a cancer that no one seems to be able to cut out. They have held the city hostage and at a standstill depriving the true citizens of Ceres a shopping center and income that is badly needed.

If there is anyone who doesn't know or doesn't believe that the Walmart addition would be a huge benefit to Ceres all they have to do is get their rear ends in their car and spend 30 minutes to drive to Atwater or Patterson. From the start, the Walmart store in these cities have been packed with people and carry a huge amount of merchandise that the Ceres store has no room for. The cash registers are busy and other stores keep opening all around them. Could Walmart have grown to be the largest corporation if they were bad for cities or the country?

I could go on and on but it would only lead to suggestions like "tar and feathers" which no longer is valid.

Daniel J. Arthur,