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Citizens should make decision on fire contract

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Open letter to the Ceres City Council:

First you want to give the Police Department to the Sheriff’s Department. Now you want to give the Fire Department to Modesto. I believe our building inspector position is already farmed out. It is my opinion that if you continue on this route we won’t need a City Council or a mayor; we can just hire a city manager to deal with what little bit is left of the city. Of course, that’s if you decide not to just absorb into Modesto. No man’s land north of Hatch already has Modesto address so I’ve always had the feeling that Modesto is just waiting to slowly creep across Ceres, absorb it and the next town will just be Keyes.

I am aware that the firefighters’ union says that letting Modesto absorb our fire department would be a good idea. But again I ask when has the unions ran the city? This should be a decision made by the citizens of Ceres. With all the new businesses like the new Walmart that are coming into the city we should not be having financial problems. We already have Measure H which is for the fire and police.

It has been suggested a couple times that the money from cannabis be put aside for fire and police but the council said put it in the General Fund because they say most of the General Fund is used for fire and police. But since the city is complaining the General Fund is low please explain to me how the most of nothing is anything but nothing.


Shirley Rogers,



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