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City Council is broken

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I read your editor’s thoughts on actions taken by the Ceres City Council which apparently resembled the Keystone Cops, to which I agree. The City Council is broken, which leads to a city in need of leadership with a knowledge of how an incorporated city functions within all the various laws and restrictions.

I don’t live in Ceres now after being a resident for 63 years but I’m still concerned about the condition of the city and poor action taken by our elected officials. I believe the mayor needs a class in civics to understand how a city operates. Seems to me the mayor is completely unaware of what his job and responsibilities really are. I believe it’s time the residents took notice of what their City Council is doing – or not doing – and at the next election elect people who care about the city of Ceres and not just for personal aggrandizement.

I have met with the interim city manager and find him to be very aware of how a city operates. Being an interim city manager, his hands are actually tied relative to matters that need repair and after his short time being onboard I’m sure he knows what is broken. I certainly do. 

Louie Arrollo,

former Ceres Mayor

living in Hughson