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City has let residents down
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

The official statement from the mayor is “we can’t do anything” about the proposed methadone clinic to be opened on Mitchell Road. Our city has let our residents down by not being prepared with the proper planning and zoning for these types of businesses. 

There is a huge difference between opening a methadone clinic and opening an insurance company or grocery store.

We pay our top city staffers extremely well to avoid these mistakes.

And just maybe if our city manager and other top city employees lived in Ceres they might care a little more about Ceres.

Make Ceres Great Again. 

Harinder Singh Toor,


(Editor’s note: All zoning matters in Ceres are approved after the public hearing process by members of the Ceres Planning Commission – which is appointed by the City Council and entirely made up of Ceres residents – as well as the elected City Council who are all Ceres residents. Those two public bodies direct staff to carry out policies they determine, even those you consider a “mistake,” not the other way other. )

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