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Claims Denham is not a farmer

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The first, and perhaps the most important, quality a congressman should have is honesty, the ability to look their constituents in the eye and tell them the truth.  On every Denham sign or TV ad, you see the words “Local Farmer.” It’s not the truth. He owns land in the district but he does not farm it. He leases it out. He has a house in the district but has lived in Washington, D.C., having moved there from Salinas. He also claims to be a local businessman, but if you look at the website for his business Denham Plastics. The address listed is 1057 Pellet Ave, Salinas, Calif. All of the phone numbers listed are from area code 813.  If you Google “Denham Plastics Turlock, Ca,” you are taken to a site that lists no Turlock address but the same Salinas one.

Josh Harder was born, raised, and grew up in Turlock, graduated from Modesto High School. After college at Stanford with graduate work at Harvard, Josh worked in a successful venture capital firm and now lives in Turlock and teaches at Modesto Junior College. Lives in Turlock and teaches at Modesto Junior College. It’s a simple truth. Oh, and he won’t suck up to Trump on healthcare, education, immigration, farm policy, or taxes.

Michael Caine,

South Modesto

(Editor’s note: Josh Whitfield, Denham campaign manager, was asked to respond and said Denham “is a farmer, was raised on a farm, raised his kids on a farm and currently owns a farm. The courts have sustained that Denham can use the term “farmer.” Denham Plastics started in Salinas and has expanded to Turlock. Denham has lived in Turlock for 16 years.)