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Clean up Ceres quicker

Editor, Ceres Courier,

February and March have passed by with no improvement in the beauty of our city. Ordinance No. 2021-1066, clearly states Bertolotti provides the city with illegal disposal and bulky item removal services.

A $1 per month was added to the utility bill of each account to provide additional funds for illegal dump disposal.  That is over $11,000 per month the city is required to use for the removal of illegal dumps (all of that money might not be collected because of delinquent bills but at some point it should be). 

In addition there are monies for bulky item removal services (this is not free, it’s included in our paid for utility service) and then the leaf and limb program.  It further states that the fire chief, police chief, code enforcement officer, or peace officers and public works director are authorized to enforce the provisions of this chapter.

Between our Public Works Department and Bertolotti contract services cleanup of the city should be in progress daily. As I travel about I never see a cleanup crew or the claw moving around the city. What I do see is a new pile of mattresses on Fowler in front of the mobile home park. I would suggest the camera be moved from Rose and placed here.

Waiting for “Love Ceres” on April 30 will not get cleanup done. Those folks will have another month of garbage to deal with and no claws available to their cause.

This chapter states the employees of Stanislaus County Department of Environmental Resources are authorized and directed to enforce this chapter. That department is code enforcement for the county.  If our city officials cannot figure how to clean things up maybe it’s time for the county to step in and do the job.

I encourage leaders of our city to move forward and get this under control without further delay.

John Warren

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