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Community kindness shown toward feral cat population

Editor, Ceres Courier,

When the Hall and Thornberry families purchased River Oaks Golf Course in August 2015, part of the package seemed to include a few feral cats. Over the years, of course, they have multiplied.

Though they are great mousers, it has turned into many mouths to feed. The staff in the pro shop uses some of their tip money to buy dry food. In the past couple of months Dr. Basra from American Pet Clinic in Ceres has kindly offered to spray and neuter as many cats as we can gather up. There have been many golfers who have adopted kittens and cats over the years.  Then the Sunday before Christmas around 5 p.m. a lady came in with a big box of canned cat food and a gentleman followed with a 30-lb. bag of dry cat food. Because of the excitement of the gift, we failed to get their names.

I wanted to share that this year is ending on a better note than it started and thank you to the community for your kindness.

Kathy Vieira,


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