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Concerns about bike safety on Whitmore

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I would like to compliment the city of Ceres on their construction of the network and bike and walking paths. They are an asset to the city and encourage people to exercise and stay fit.

However, my wife and I have a serious concern about the crossing on Whitmore Avenue. We cycle to Hughson several mornings each week. We used to cross Whitmore and proceed along the canal path to Roeding Road before turning east. However, we have nearly been hit several times by vehicles going over the crossing from the Mitchell Road side. We now get to Roeding Road via the bike path along Hatch, Eastgate, Whitmore and Faith Home Road ... not an ideal solution.

When this first happened we thought that poor driving was the reason but we now realize that drivers heading east from Mitchell Road along Whitmore Avenue can't see the flashing lights on the crossing because of there being a slight elevation in the level of the road over the canal.

Two weeks ago we witnessed a father and two little kids - all on bikes - being terrified by vehicles cutting in front of them as they tried to use the crossing.

I called City Hall and spoke to someone about my concerns. This is an accident waiting to happen! The lady I spoke to said she would deal with my concerns. I gave my name, address and telephone number. I have heard nothing more and the situation remains the same.

Easily visible warning lights need to be installed on either side of the crossing to alert approaching drivers and to avoid an accident.

Mike & Janie Richards,

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