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Condit friend addresses editor’s ‘suspicions’
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a newly appointed member of the Ceres Beautification Committee, I take that responsibility seriously. Adequate time must be given to the issues of this city, and shining light on the issues around the city should only help make this better for us all. Candidates like Mr. Tom Hallinan and Mr. John Mayne should be called out and held responsible when they hire “minions” to plaster signs on telephone poles and don’t follow the laws in the California penal code. In fact, Mr. Hallinan still has political signs up on telephone poles from his 2018 campaign on Faith Home Road, as I stated at the council meeting.

If we can’t count on our own city attorney to follow the penal code in relation to political signs, how can we assume the rest of the city will? As the editor pointed out in his savvy column, there are hundreds of yard sale, garage sale, and housing signs, all over the city and they must be addressed as well. I included this in my presentation to the council last week, but it was overshadowed by the editor’s sneaky suspicions. 

Regardless, I find it ironic that the editor – who lives outside the city – wants to criticize me for getting involved in my city. But it makes sense, as he did the same thing when myself and fellow students fought for pedestrian safety changes at Ceres High School. 

Krishan Malhotra,


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