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Conservatives should run for office to change where we are headed

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Kimball’s recent letter to the editor is spot on about Americans needing to exercise local power. This morning I saw more reason for hope: people from different backgrounds are fed up with COVID-19 mandates. There was a huge turnout at the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors meeting. I knew at least five people would go, but wasn’t expecting around 100 members of the public! It’s encouraging to be reminded that you’re not alone. The comments I had prepared were in good company. Concerns about Critical Race Theory were also voiced by some, but COVID-19 mandates were front and center: masking, social distancing, and vaccines.

Many attendees were parents or staff who are frustrated with their school boards. One was a current member of the TUSD board (speaking as a private citizen). He has been a dissenting voice on the board, and spoke in support of the attendees. The audience loved him. Clearly we need more people like him.

The midterm primary elections are nine months away, and now is a great time for people to consider running for office. It’s not an immediate solution, and it involves some effort. But it’s a worthwhile way to serve the community. We the people have limited control over what happens on the state or national level. Local action is within our sphere of influence and it has a ripple effect.

I serve on the Central Committee of the Republican Party of Stanislaus County. I’d contacted RPSC earlier this year to complain about some elected offices having no Republican candidate. After being told that they had vacant seats for my district and they could use some help, I joined. If any conservatives reading this are interested in running for any office – or even flirting with the idea, I’d be happy to talk. You can get in touch with the committee through the website, or on Facebook.

Samuel Bosshardt,


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