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Council should scrap unnecessary projects

Editor, Ceres Courier,

A barrage of arguably “sneaky” budget amendments during the recent City Council meeting has raised concerns about the city’s finances. This is a call to our leaders to question the budget on a weekly basis for cuts that are both large and small. Leaders should also adopt an entrepreneurial mindset, listening to new business ideas that can generate revenue and create new markets for Ceres.

For example, is a $500,000 gazebo truly necessary? Should valuable staff time be invested in a feasibility study for a new City Hall? These initiatives, unwanted by Ceres residents, should be abandoned.

Small cuts will also make a huge difference. Is allocating $10,000 for two 75-inch police department TVs essential when cheaper alternatives with excellent quality are available? I believe $6,000 would suffice.

Concerning Christopher Holmes, the success of his business recruitment efforts during his Vegas trip may take years to manifest. Additionally, the previous business recruiting agency’s performance was disappointing. Consequently, the city must proactively fill the gap left by hesitant investors and create the businesses or services that residents are clamoring for. Possibilities include indoor sports facilities, river rentals, swan pedal boats for Lower River Bluff’s pond, premium fees for food trucks in popular zones like Whitmore Park, or dollar-entry farmer’s market.

I urge residents to submit their ideas to the council for consideration because fiscal responsibility, scrapping unnecessary projects, exploring both substantial and minor budget cuts, and fostering entrepreneurship are imperative to getting the city and nation back on track.  

Alfaro Franco,


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