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Criminals have taken over

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Here are some crime stories you may have missed amongst all the “true crime” hoo-ha on television.

In Chicago, auto theft is up 55%.

In Colorado, America’s top state for auto theft, the Legislature does not want to upgrade the crime to a felony. Might make some people feel bad about themselves.

Companies at retail stores everywhere are firing employees who try to stop theft. Thieves are in the driver’s seat now!

On the other hand, police and sheriffs in the San Francisco Bay Area are acquiring military grade “Bearcat” vehicles and drones, and facial recognition has been installed at Bay Area airports. Is NorCal planning for martial law to replace criminal justice?

In Massachusetts, a law requiring an accessory to murder to serve life in prison alongside the murder has been overturned. But the new law didn’t go retroactive, so . . .

The Illinois governor wants the state to finally spend money on a state level witness protection program that went unfunded for the first nine years of its existence? Too little, too late?

Speaking of Illinois, the state’s Supreme Court is hearing arguments on eliminating cash bail. Why not trash a 3,000-year-old aid to criminal prosecution since we are feeling liberal and all.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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