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Deport illegal kids back to their countries
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

I reluctantly write this opinion. But, I have kept abreast of the debate regarding the thousands of illegal immigrant children's that crossed our border into Texas illegally. In my opinion the debate should be simply, how do we deport the thousands of illegal immigrant children's and families expeditiously back to their country of origin? The debate should not be about Congress approving the President request for $3.6 billion of our money to provide social services for those that entered the US illegally. Nor, should elected officials, the Hispanic Caucus, state legislatures, protest the handling and deportation of those children's and families back to their country. It is their duty/responsibility to ensure that all immigration laws are enforced.

By the Hispanic Caucus and other pro- immigration groups protesting, the discussion of how to effectively return those children's and families that entered this country illegally, have framed the debate about race and not our right to determine who enters this country. Those two fractions are a determinate to this country. Because, they know that we cannot afford to continue to allow illegal entry into the country without going through the legal process that other immigrants have used to become U.S. citizens.

While, the debate rages on, we must remember that we have over a million homeless children, hundreds being killed every week within the United States, and thousands of young girls being raped daily within this country. But, I have not heard an outrage from the Hispanic Caucus or the President requesting billions of dollars to remove them from their violent environment. No, what has occurred is disinterest by those protesting the deportation of the thousands of illegal immigrants that entered our country illegally.

The question is when are they going to put Americans fires? When are they going to stop using the race card or discrimination card, or the color card? When they going to stop using treatment of illegal immigrants, mostly Hispanics, as a tool to secure the Hispanic vote? To me they either, the pro-immigration activists and the Hispanic elected officials realize that we American Citizens have a right to voice our objection to thousands of illegal immigrants, be they children's or adults, remaining in this country at our expense. After all it is our tax dollars that pay for all of the social services, attorney, social worker, food, shelter, and health care. Therefore, they all should be deported back to their country.

Robert Lee

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