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Disagree but don’t insult

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It was interesting to read your editor’s thoughts column last week “Voting is never for the weak-minded or lazy.” The fact that after you watched the TV show “Dirty Jobs” and its reference to “man babies” you were reminded of Ceres High students and the fight for a crosswalk on Fifth Street. This obviously says more about you than our efforts to improve our school.

A group of students called the Service Dogs collected more than a thousand signatures from students and teachers asking City Hall for help. This action by my classmates is neither lazy or weak-minded. It is positive and in every way something that should be encouraged by people your age. It is the spirit of our country that you take on City Hall. Speak up for what is right and stand up to those that call you names.

The fact of the matter is Ceres High School bus drop off/pickup area is the only school bus area in Ceres Unified School District that has no school zone signage. In addition no designated crosswalk for students and is isolated from the campus. Our committee has looked at each school bus area in Ceres Unified and Fifth Street is a very unique school bus area. Fifth Street needs school zone signage and a crosswalk for the safety of students.

If you disagree make your case, but there is no need to insult my classmates for trying to make a positive difference.

Gary M. Condit,


(Editor’s note: The connection to Mike Rowe’s comments made on Fox News’s Tucker Carlson – not Dirty Jobs – is that people become careless about their own safety when they think others care more about their safety, such as the government with its signs or other safety devices to “ensure” their safety. I did not infer CHS students were “lazy or weakminded” – the term was used in the headline that addressed something voters should not be, which was another topic in the same column. If anything, my remarks were intended to suggest that each of us must be responsible for our actions and safety through common sense and not depend on safety devices like crosswalks and signs.)