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Do not let PG&E get away with passing mistakes off
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Editor, Ceres Courier,

As of now, the 16 million customers are not represented in Pacific, Gas and Electric’s bankruptcy case.

PG&E must not stop us from want and need, namely to keep the lights on and rates affordable.  We must not be stuck for the mistakes made by this company. Ceres area ratepayers might be stuck the same as any or all customers in Northern California.

Customers generate all or most of PG&E’s revenue. The cost of the possible debt requirements that might occur cannot be passed onto current ratepayers. The economic hardship on consumers will be horrific. It could even ruin a good part of California’s economy.

The federal bankruptcy court must solicit ratepayer comments and evidence in the hearings to come. Key consumer organizations can be appointed to represent the ratepayers.  

Higher energy costs to the poor can find such rates very regressive. Please do not dump this utility’s creditor liabilities onto consumers. Demand a strong voice in this matter for us, the consumers.

Daniel Marsh,


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