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Don Davis transformed Waterford schools and will do same for county

Editor, Ceres Courier,

As a Waterford resident and former teacher and administrator in the Waterford School District (and current employee of the Stanislaus County Office of Education), I have seen first-hand the difference Don Davis has made in the lives of students in Waterford. He built Waterford High School from the ground up, and took it from the lowest performing school in the county to the highest in five years.

Under his leadership, we produced three county teachers of the year (of which I was fortunate enough to be numbered). He has a remarkable ability to transform institutions, which is why so many others, including retired County Superintendent Martin Petersen (and 16 currently serving district superintendents), have endorsed him. I'm calling on my fellow citizens to vote for Don Davis for County Superintendent of Schools.

Davis made Waterford schools the envy of the region. Now he is needed to transform schools in our entire region!

Carolyn Viss,