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Downtown looks great but Fifth Street needs pedestrian precautions

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The almost-completed Ceres downtown revitalization project looks to be a stunning success. Parking spaces and intersections made of brick pavement are classy - as are the many planters, palm trees and old fashioned streetlights. Worthy of particular note are the two archways that display an elevated "CERES" sign and light up at night. Near Ceres Drug Store is a beautiful new midblock crosswalk.

Special thanks is due City Manager Toby Wells and other city officials for the considerable undertaking sure to strengthen business, jobs and our local economy.
That said, Ceres could use a midblock crosswalk on Fifth Street. A good place to put it would be somewhere near a Ceres High School (CHS) fence gate that hundreds of students pass through daily to and from school. Should the crosswalk be installed, blinking LED pavement lights might be added as a safety feature. Blinking crosswalks already exist at different Ceres Schools, including one at CHS on Central Avenue. A Fifth Street midblock crosswalk would likely make it necessary for the existing bus stop area to be moved further north.

I'm proud to be a native Ceres citizen and a 1974 CHS graduate. As a resident on the northernmost section of Fifth Street, it's unfortunate that ever-increasing traffic keeps speeding with motors screaming up and down Fifth Street. A new blinking midblock crosswalk would serve to slow traffic down, offset the noise, and drive public safety forward for students and the general citizenry.

Ken Groves, Jr.,

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