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Durossette understands issues in Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I have spent my entire life involved in the Ceres community completing elementary at Walter White, junior high at Mae Hensley, graduating from Ceres High School, teaching and coaching at Central Valley High School, and now finally operating Kase Manufacturing in Ceres. I want to continue to see Ceres make strides and grow.

I am writing to share my current views of the Ceres mayoral race. While I applaud Javier Lopez for his commitment to being involved in our local community and wanting to elevate his service beyond his career and coaching duties, I find myself compelled to offer my support to Bret Durossette. I will admit I do not know Mr. Lopez or know much about him. He does coach the Hawks, so he already has some points in my book as I am a little partial to CV after spending my entire coaching career there.

But after watching the debate this last week it is clear which candidate is best suited to lead our community. We are in some of the toughest conditions to run and operate a city and with answers that Mr. Lopez provided it is clear that Bret knows the city of Ceres better and understands how to navigate the complex issues in front of Ceres. Bret has demonstrated that his position in the city council was not just a notch in his belt but that he truly has a passion for the health and positive growth of our community.

My support is not solely based on the debate either. I have known Bret for several years but most recently I have had to spend a considerable amount of time getting involved in the political scene in Ceres, watching firsthand how Bret cares for the city of Ceres. Over the last few years I have seen Bret at multiple school events, fundraisers, chamber of commerce events, city street fairs, lions club community service events, vote on hard decisions, be instrumental in the economic turnaround in Ceres, and countless other events all within the city limits.

In addition to my support for Bret I would also like to vent about the un-needed social media attacks on the Durossette family. As a former teacher I understand how volatile social media can be and how damaging they can be on the receiving end. I am disappointed in the amount of stolen, damaged, and defaced signs around the city for all candidates. Luckily, we all know that after the election most of these unwarranted and off-base attacks will end, but they still take a toll and are unnecessary. Negative ads and comments are always expected during elections but from what I have been shown and shared with is well beyond election tactics. I am not casting blame on Mr. Lopez, but I would love to see Mr. Lopez publicly call for end to such behavior.

If you truly care about the future of Ceres, please take some time to review the political credentials for both candidates. Watch the debate and judge for yourself which candidate is ready to lead a city. Now is not the time to hope for change we need solid leadership with an experienced individual that we can count on as we venture in more unknowns. Take the last decade and look at where the city of Ceres is compared to like-sized cities, review the growth we have had economically and where we are heading with the master plan. Bret has been a part of all it and is the most prepared to lead. Do your part and look at the facts.

Mike Reynolds,


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