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Editor’s ‘attack’ on Condit was an ‘attack’ on Ceres

Editor, Ceres Courier,

The last time I wrote a letter to the Courier you refused to print it because you claimed that you weren’t going to print any free advertisements for candidates. I guess that only applies when you want it to. On Oct. 7, from your perch in Turlock, you shamelessly attacked my town and my neighborhood calling the neighborhood Couper Condit lives in less than desirable. It’s one thing to attack Couper for disagreements you may have, but you as an outsider should tread lightly when you attack the residents and neighborhoods of Ceres. The fact that you attack District 4, the same area you left when you took the Courier to Turlock, says everything people should know about what you think of us.

Angie Smith,


(Editor’s note: The decision to relocate the Courier office to be inside Turlock Journal offices in April 2012 was a business decision made by then publisher Dave Winegarden against my objections.)

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