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Editor’s thoughts are cold, bigoted & outdated

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I am currently reading your ”Editor’s Thoughts” column from the 12/20 edition. 

You are a well-read man with a career in local journalism, which affords you an unparalleled bird’s eye view of our community of Ceres. I am appalled that you created such a weak straw man’s argument about the Ebony Alert, a new bill seeking to right a historical and systematic failure by our state entities to serve and protect black communities, especially vulnerable women and children. This is an obvious addendum to the longstanding Amber Alert that has saved countless lives, not some sort of exclusionary racial policy. Anyone with a basic sense of history would be able to see this as such. Additionally, questioning why this bill involves “black family and culture” represents some of the oldest, most bigoted social science thinking about black family life (seriously, it was outdated thinking in the 1980s). A more complex answer about economics, exclusion and systemic violence is needed to even address this topic without the hint of racism your commentary displays.

Do you always walk through the world feeling needlessly aggrieved, or did you just need to fill column inches with reactionary vitriol? What a disappointing take from someone supposedly part of the greater civic life of Ceres, during the holiday season no less. Given the racial demographics you cited earlier in your column as the changing face of Ceres, maybe think about how cold and gross your take may come across to members of your community who have been historically underserved by the state? If only for future subscribers’ sake.

Merry effing Christmas, 

Dorie Dakin Perez, Ph.D.,