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Eggman under Pelosi

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has the political power to help raise huge campaign dollars for congressional candidates like Michael Eggman in hopes of once again becoming speaker.

It is easy to see that Pelosi wants to keep Eggman in Denham's face with outlandish accusations in order to regain her position as House Speaker again. Pelosi's current salary is $193,400, and for 27 years she has amassed one of the largest pensions in Congress. Yet, Michael Eggman has singled out Denham's earnings to criticize.

Mr. Eggman has advertised that, if elected, "he" would cut Congress' pensions and perks. How would you do that sir, when it appears like you are already under Nancy Pelosi's heavy thumb?

Eggman has made it a point to repetitively claim that Jeff Denham voted to cut our Social Security. For the record, the congressman supports a proposed plan to protect the trust fund from possibly becoming insolvent, i.e. bankrupt.

Jeff Denham represents lower taxes, fewer regulations,
more industry, more water, more jobs, and less Pelosi.

Steve Hall,