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Elect pro Constitution candidates

Editor, Ceres Courier,

It's about boundaries, folks.

Here we sit in Stanislaus County, the poverty increasing, homeless containers are in the works, Stockton appears to be set to follow Oakland reaching out to the illegal criminals being sought by ICE in advance of the sweeps. Will Modesto follow too? Our elected officials take an oath of office. They are elected to work within their boundaries. Let's look at Gov. Brown, traveling overseas making agreements with other countries, at home has created chaos for law enforcement and our personal security. California is now ranking 50th in quality of life. The California and National Sheriff's associations issued a "call for action" last year in advance of the implementation of SB54 the "Sanctuary State" law. Just who are they calling to action? I believe it is we, the people. It is your and my duty to fix this, the government will not. What is your line in the sand?

It is very important that we elect candidates that will truly follow the Constitution and serve the people and not the deep state. Two such candidates that come to mind are Stephen Baily and Juan Alanis.

John A. Woods,