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Ernie Bucios widow gives thanks to event supporters

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I want to thank all the good people for supporting the Ernie Bucio Music Scholarship Fundraiser on March 12.
We raised $3,382 for the Ernie Bucio Music Scholarship Fund, administrated by MJC.

I want to thank our raffle sponsors for their support. Through their generous contributions we are able to hold exciting raffles and add the earnings to our scholarship pot. We also encourage our patrons to visit these establishments to further thank them for your help: Beach Blanket Babylon, Black Oak Casino, Cakes by Anna, Cold Stone Creamery, Fuddruckers, Gallo Center for the Arts, Hard Rock Café San Francisco, KFC in Ceres, Las Casuelas in Turlock, Magic Nails, Mocha Magic, Modesto Nuts, Nacho Libre Poster, Prime Shine Car Wash, Rockin' Jump, Rossini Formal Wear, Seta's Secrets, Texas Roadhouse and Vito's Formal Wear.

In addition to all the people who came and supported the cause, I would like to thank all the musicians that volunteered their time and fine musicianship. They include members of Camaraderie, Central Valley Brass, TRIO, Hilmar Community Band, Gottschalk Music Center Concert Band, Ernie Bucio's Little Big Band, New Horizon Jazz, New Horizons Concert Band, David Dow's OPEN JAM, the MJC Jazz Band and Shock Wave.

Ruthie Carrillo, Ernie's sister, and Connie Bucio, Ernie's mom, were in charge of securing the raffle items and running the raffle itself. Much thanks goes to them.
Lastly, I would like to thank Hanibal for hosting this event and his loyal workers on a day the Barkin' Dog Grill is usually closed, and also for his generous financial donation. Ernie was godfather to his son, Atanous.

It is an exhausting but rewarding event. We all got a chance to remember Ernie together and at the same time carry on his efforts of helping upcoming young musicians. This year is dedicated to Evin Yadegar, who is sorely missed.

Thanks again.

Karen Bucio,

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