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Example of partisan fanning of the flames

Editor, Ceres Courier,

Here is a perfect example of how our political parties fan the flames of partisan hatred, when it is easily within their means to be peacemakers.

White House clean energy czar John Podesta says Maui fires “were fueled by climate change.” Fox News counters that the real cause has now been revealed to be power lines that the electric company neglected to power down during a windstorm.

Well, children, in the world of grown-ups, it is clear enough that both points of view are correct. The Hawaiian Electric Company’s alleged failure to power down live electric equipment is what we call the proximate or nearby cause. Climate change that affected winds, heat and drought is what we call the distal or distant cause.

Folks, there is no black and white on planet earth except in race. Fault lines in nature and in society are all various shades of gray. Until our political parties and their government and news media minions decide to grow up, our nation will be forever stuck in pre-pubescent confusion.

Kimball Shinkoskey

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