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Fair Tax only way to go

Editor, Ceres Courier,

I've been told there are people afraid of the FairTax. The FairTax Act of 2015 is 131 pages long. It is a simple one-step flat sales tax at the cash register. It would replace the income, payroll, corporate, gift, estate, capital gains, and alternative minimum taxes. These taxes require over 72,000 pages of laws and regulations. This seems to cause no discomfort to those fearful of the FairTax.

Maybe they're afraid of the forms for the FairTax? There are none for workers, only one monthly form for retailers. Cato reported that by 2002 our tax laws required 562 different tax forms. That must comfort some people.

Perhaps it is the monthly prebate that bothers them. Our research showed that liberals would never accept a sales tax without the prebate. The prebate would be sent electronically the first week of each month. As an example for 2015 a married couple would receive $451. A family of four would bank $611. The intent of the prebate is to ensure that consumers do not pay the FairTax on necessities.

An income tax is such a waste of time and effort. It deserves to be replaced by a simple, non-intrusive tax policy.

Al Ose

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