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FBI director between rock & hard place

Editor, Ceres Courier,

What a mess. FBI Director James Comey is now really between a rock and a very ugly hard spot. So imagine, where he would be if Trump got elected, then new facts came out that Hillary truly was guilty, then Comey would be the fall guy for not doing his job.

In retrospect, even if she is guilty as sin and does get elected, Obama could give her a full pardon, or, she can pardon herself. Comey gets it again. The bottom line for me is, she is innocent until proven guilty, but if she is guilty, let her feel the full extent of our laws that she has tried to break.

I personally like the treason law. I am trying to read a book that is written on the back of my eye lids, so I better get back to it. By the way, if I started my own foundation to do good things with the money, can I count on you? I promise I will not buy another Ferrari, sailboat or any more Harleys.
Gary Duran

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